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Pet Whistle With Lanyard
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Statistically, pets do not wander far from home when they get lost.  This stainless steel whistle emits an ultrasonic sound when you blow into it.  Your pets can hear this sound from hundreds of yards, and you can adjust the volume according to your pet's sensitivity.  It is delivered to you with a FREE lanyard and FREE instructions about how to train your pet to respond to the sound of the whistle. ****$6.99 + Shipping****    
06.09.2018 From admin
May your pet never be lost... But this metal QR tag that links to YFMP, along with an easy to read ID number that you insert into your pet's website profile, will help a person know everything you want them to know about your pet and how to contact you. You will also have peace of mind.  *****$14.95 (plus shipping)*****  
01.16.2018 From admin