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Lost Pet?

If you are looking to identify a lost pet, go to the Pets menu. Place the tag # into the "Collar Tag" field in the search box. If there is no tag, fill in the other fields as accurately as possible. You can also browse the "Lost Pets" list. From there, you will find out more about the pet and how to contact his family.
Outline — This intriguing article highlights both cultural differences and the depth of  dogs' unconditional love. 
Statistically, pets do not wander far from home when they get lost.  This stainless steel whistle emits an ultrasonic sound when you blow into it.  Your pets can hear this sound from hundreds of yards…
0 — Explore over 200,000 places to stay, play, and eat with your dog.
Take such good care of your pet so that if it gets lost, it will want to find you...
2 — The following is a true account that just happened to me and the process was slow and a bit flawed but it worked. Two young kids were seen the...
0 — Be a part of the solution...  Let Your Pet Be a Part of the world record of Largest Photo Mosaic while raising money for FREE pet surgeries across California State.
0 — Dog Whistles: We’ll look at what a dog whistle can do for you and your pet, which are the best dog whistles, and how to train your dog to the whistle.
I have had so many dogs throughout the years, however I never really chalked up much for their personality.  When I was younger, a dog or cat walked on four legs and had a tail.  They barked if they were a dog, or meowed if they were a cat.  It wasn’t until I was about 11 years old when we got a dog…
Love is in the air with this adorable pet couples compilation! Hugs, kisses, cuddle and more in this lovey dovey coupley pet video! The Pet Collective is hom...
Dolphins are some of the most majestic creatures that live in the ocean. They are playful, incredibly intelligent and so cute! Learn all these awesome facts ...
No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Only the owner’s ego.
It is amazing how much life has changed since I have been alive.  I know I have not lived that long but I feel I have seen the world change so much.  I remember when we did not have the internet, blogs, Facebook, Instagram or websites.  You did not have find a date by swiping left or right.  You did…
This has already gone viral, but in case you haven't yet seen it.... Tiny Donkey Is Pretty Sure He's Actually A Dog | This tiny donkey’s so small he lives in the house — he even knows how to go outsi…
0 — United States and Canada Travel Guides and City Guides for Dogs of ALL Sizes! Places to take your Pet in Central Coast.
0 — Shadow’s Fund is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable shelter dogs. Senior dogs, dogs labelled as “pit bulls” and dogs with a treatable injury or illness are often…
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May your pet never be lost... But this metal QR tag that links to YFMP, along with an easy to read ID number that you insert into your pet's website profile, will help a person know everything you want them to know about your pet and how to contact you. You will also have peace of mind.  *****$14.95 (plus shipping)*****  
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Statistically, pets do not wander far from home when they get lost.  This stainless steel whistle emits an ultrasonic sound when you blow into it.  Your pets can hear this sound from hundreds of yards, and you can adjust the volume according to your pet's sensitivity.  It is delivered to you with a FREE lanyard and FREE instructions about how to train your pet to respond to the sound of the whistle. ****$6.99 + Shipping****    
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