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I have had so many dogs throughout the years, however I never really chalked up much for their personality.  When I was younger, a dog or cat walked on four legs and had a tail.  They barked if they were a dog, or meowed if they were a cat.  It wasn’t unti
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It is amazing how much life has changed since I have been alive.  I know I have not lived that long but I feel I have seen the world change so much.  I remember when we did not have the internet, blogs, Facebook, Instagram or websites.  You did not have fi
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POST VIEW   What I am Learning about dogs.   Did you know that dogs get jealous?  I guess we all may have thought generally that dogs would get jealous but who doesn't from time to time.  I am not sure if jealousy is only for mammals, do you think
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What I am learning about dogs.  To be honest, you may feel there is not a lot to learn.  I know why I have felt that way.  Especially since I have had dogs in my life since I was 2 years old.  Now I am way older than my shoe size.  Having probably over 20
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When I learned about dogs!
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