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What I am learning about dogs!

It is amazing how much life has changed since I have been alive.  I know I have not lived that long but I feel I have seen the world change so much.  I remember when we did not have the internet, blogs, Facebook, Instagram or websites.  You did not have find a date by swiping left or right.  You did not need a machine to tell you if you were hot or not, and you did not need an app to let you know that you have a plethora of friends that you could click on their profiles to find out what they were doing.  

I actually feel like an old timer, I can hear myself saying, "Well kids, back in my day we used to go over people's homes and ask if their kids could play, and then if they could we consider that playing with friends."  or saying to my kids, "Well kids, back in my day when someone liked you, they would tell their friends, who would tell your friends, who would tell you."  Does anyone remember that?  I don't know, were those the good old days?  At least it felt solid and tangible.

I'd like to suggest something that hasn't changed over the years, it is the stability of pets.  I almost feel like we are in a pet revolution.  Like pets have always been the same but now we are just recognizing how much we rely on just having relationships we can rely on.  When I was younger, a pet was a pet for the family.  Now pets are family.  I see the revolution everywhere.  I even see young men who would usually have a pretty young girl riding shot gun in the front seat of their car.  Now that one who is riding shotgun is their dog.  I was even at the local grocery store where I saw a young man in his twenties with his dog, and he was asking the dog what it wanted.  I couldn't help but peek to see if the dog was going to speak back in English, but it didn't.  (Somethings still stay the same, thank God.)

And speaking about God, did you realize that dog is God spelled backwards, and that pets is steps spelled backwards.  Maybe having a pet is a step toward God, an ironic puzzle if you let your mind go there.  What I see is the security of relationship, with pets.  It used to be we could rely on people and would have our pets as an accessory. Now no matter what, unless you are an abusive pet owner, ( and even then), who is going to greet you at the door first?  I bet it is your pet first before husband or wife? This would be a funny statement if it wasn't so true.  Oh and by the way, pets is steps backwards and dog is God backwards, but what about cat, to be fair.  Cat is tac backwards, however it really doesn't translate to anything.  If it was spelled tack backwards, we could get somewhere because cats are loving as loving as dogs, but we all know cats can have sharp ways and attitudes and can be less pliable, like a tack, however it doesn't translate well.  

In conclusion, I think we can agree, in this world of uncertainty, we never know what is coming down the pike.  We can remain sure our pets will never grow up, they will never ask for keys to the car.  They will not evolve and be able to turn a door knob and let themselves out when they need to.  They will never speak English and walk up to a stranger and tell them they are lost.  They will always be the same, waiting on us, relying on us, but little do they know, we have come to rely on them as a staple of our everyday living as this world continues to change around us.


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