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What I am learning about dogs!

What I am learning about dogs.  To be honest, you may feel there is not a lot to learn.  I know why I have felt that way.  Especially since I have had dogs in my life since I was 2 years old.  Now I am way older than my shoe size.  Having probably over 20 dogs in my personal life.  When i was little, dogs were not really considered members of the family, they were more like home protectors.  You had dogs instead of having security systems.  Most of our dogs were out door dogs and barked all night long along with all the rest of the neighborhood dogs.  Neighbors never really complained about it because this is how we kept our neighborhood safe.  If the barks changed during the night to a less rhythmic bark but more short or had added growls, you would then open the backyard door and check out what is happening in the backyard using a flashlight.  Just in case you think we were total mean people by having outdoor dogs, we did have a bed set up for our animals in our garage.  We just kept the garage door open at night to allow for dog surveillance.  My mother had a chain link fence placed around our front yard so that we could keep the back gate open and allow our dogs to roam the back and front yard during the evening. 

Well, I honestly felt that what dogs were for.  Our dogs slept probably 20 hours out of a 24 hour day, one hour to walk and another hour or so to eat.  

Fast forward to today, if you told people you kept your dogs outside of your house, people would think you were cruel.  I know that people still do that, but they need to keep that information to themselves.  People with hunt you down to report you to the ASPCA.  

I will have to say, our dogs are the equivalent of family members in our home. Now that they are in our home, you notice how much they want to be involved in your life.  Depending if they are right or left  paw, the involvement is more extreme.  Right paw dogs barely leave you alone, it is in their dna to follow you around your home and never let you out of there sight.  Service dogs will be right pawed, (meaning they start their walking using the right paw to start).  Your left paw dogs are the artists and surfers in your household.  They are the players and love to find you if your play hid and seek.  They like new and interesting toys, pretty much, anything goes when it comes to fun.  Not that right pawed dogs do not like fun, they just may need to have a left pawed dog to show them how to have fun. 

Luckily for me, I have both.  One that is so proper I could actually invite him to eat at a table and he would mind his manners.  The other so easy going that nothing, absolutely nothing gets under his skin.

What about you?  What can you tell me about your dogs.  I have so much more to share.  Keep reading and we can continue to have this banter about our dogs.  Another change to society don't you think?  However, I love it!




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