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How to get rid of fleas.

I noticed that my dogs have been scratching more than ever before.  I take them to get groomed, and even once in a while give them medication that will get rid of fleas. 

I have two small dogs so I often worry about giving them the medication from the vet because of the side effects.  

I was wondering if there was any other way to get rid of fleas, then I read about apple cider vinegar.  I add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to their water.  I noticed a  

lessening in scratching within two days.  I will keep this up and see what happens after a month.  

It really bothers me when my dogs feel so itchy, however finding a natural way to help them is what I really want.


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  •  Garagegirl22: 

    Dear Pet Parent:

    Thanks for the advise of Skin so Soft for pets.  I used to sell Avon and never knew you could use that for that purpose.  Are you an an Avon lady?  I need to buy some.

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  •  PetParent: 

    I have found that Avon's ORIGINAL "Skin So Soft" body oil (sprayed on) works well as a non-toxic flea remedy!  It also helps with "hot spots" which is another cause of itching/chewing.  

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